Application Form

Applicant Information

Parent / Guardian

Banking details for candidate


Entry Fee

See payment details on the Home Page.


A black-and-white head-and-shoulders photograph of the entrant in JPEG format woih a DPI of not less than 300 must be emailed to Janet Becker at This should be a good quality photograph as it will be printed in the program, and displayed on screens in the foyer of thetheatre during the competition. No photocopies or other photograph formats will be accepted.

Declaration by Parent / Guardian / Teacher

  1. I declare that the abovementioned information is correct. My child agrees to follow the rules and regulations and to abideby the decisions of the adjudicators.I give permission that my child’s performances during the competition may be filmed or recorded for use by the organisers. No compensation will be paid.
  2. I, the undersigned, will not hold the organisers and sponsors accountable for any loss,damage, injury or sickness that my child may suffer during the competition.

Final Program Choice

Final Program Choice


  1. In the COMPOSER block add (Initials and surname)
  2. In the TITLE block add ( Name, key, opus number and movement/s )

1st Round

Composer Title Duration

2nd Round

Composer Title Duration

3rd Round

Composer Title Duration
One piece from 1st/2nd round
One new work

Any repertoire changes must be discussed with Claudine van Breda, in person, and submitted in writing to Marichen Kapp ). No changes to the repertoire will be allowed after 14 August 2020.

The following must reach us by 31 July 2020 ( NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED) :

  1. The completed entry form sent by email to
  2. Proof of payment sent by email to
  3. DVD via POSTNET (preferably ) to the Brooklyn Branch ( receiver Claudine van Breda, cell no 082 868 0301) or registered mail ( email tracking number and date sent to or sms to Janet Becker 083 450 7483
  4. Photograph according to specifications sent by email to